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Discussion 13 to Talk Back 26
You provided absolutely no justification for your criticism of my article

by: JT

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You called me ignorant - and in response I agreed with your own comment about you being confused - and then you say I am trying to get you angry?

Get real! You are the one who wrote using words which could only be interpreted as having an intent to anger.

Again, in your reply, you provided absolutely no justification for what you said about my article. You still have not provided one iota of evidence in support of your comment the article was written ignorantly. The article establishes clearly that the bible is not the oldest book in the world. This is a claim no true Christian bible scholar could possibly make as it would be inconsistent with the claim that Moses wrote the Pentateuch.

I am still interested in knowing what is specifically wrong in the specific article you attacked. Every statement was based on research.

Tell me what in the article you referenced is wrong - or as you say - ignorantly written. Can you do that? If you cannot, then you are not being honest. You are not standing by what you said. By making false claims in support of your beliefs you are demonstrating how shallow your understanding of your own faith is.

You say you are standing by everything you said. In fact you are not because you are refusing to provide and support for your baseless assertions.

I am still awaiting your reply addressing the specific issue you raised.