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Discussion 5 to Talk Back 26
I'm interested in facts, not speculations.

by Richard

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Amber Fawver:

Going through your post point for point:

"Are you kidding me?"

"Have you picked up a bible? Any bible? And actually read it?"
I've read several bible versions in several languages. Completely. Have you?

"Christianity did not make up a Satan "CHARACTER"!"
Probably true. It's quite likely they used some other story as a model.

"Why is it soooooo hard to believe that the bible may REALLLLLYYYY be a true story?"
Hmm, because:

"You'll believe some "autobiographical" film, or some "religion" thought up by a "brilliant" philosopher in his free time, but it is just so impossible that the oldest book in the history of the world, could be something real."
The bible is most certainly NOT the oldest book in the world. The first part of it was written only a scant few hundred years before the Christian cult emerged. And no, I don't believe in any religion. That's the essence of being an agnostic for me, I don't accept anything I cannot confirm.

"Why is it so hard to believe?"
In Christianity? See the above, for a start. What good does believing do me? I'm interested in facts, not speculations. Especially not clearly erroneous ones. I advise you to (re-)read the bible, but with a bit more skepticism. It might open your eyes a little.