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Discussion 4 to Talk Back 22
Re: Feeling Ecstasy

by Anthony DeLucchi

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Of course you do not NEED God or Jesus to feel ecstasy. As you have stated earlier you can also achieve tranquility by gazing at a teapot. What on earth are you smoking? Gazing at a teapot, good grief!

I watched "river dance" as well, it was impressive yes, but it did not fill me with rapture, no, I just thought, wow, those people must of practised themselves to a standstill, I appreciated the discipline, but I reckon even clumsy old me could do that if I trained hard enough!

Now back to the godstuff, which you find so difficult to comprehend. If a simple practised dance routine can fill you with rapture, what about the nature around you? The balance, the intricacies of all live, the symbiotic interaction between totally different life forms, the plants, the grasses, the insects the flying things, etc. The very teachings of Christ, the simplistic truth of loving, you find this interesting? Or are you just indifferent? I will not "preach" to you all will say is this, If you watch the sun set, you are greeting darkness, but if you just turned around and watched the sun rise, you are greeting the light, so just turn around and feel the rapture of the morning.....