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Discussion 1 to Reflections on Ethics 56
Children not necessarily the purpose of marriage

by Rev. Matthew M Murray

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I have long been opposed to the argument that marriage is an institution for raising families, and that therefore heterosexual marriage is the only allowable one. It's ridiculous and, furthermore, doesn't mean anything.

In case the various groups who oppose the idea might be reading this, homosexuals can, will, and already do adopt children or use surrogate mothering/fathering to start families. Furthermore, in the absence of rape, there is almost no way for a child raised by a homosexual couple to be an accident on the part of the couple. They must actively want to be parents, in order to be so. Therefore the odds are that they'll at least intend to be loving, caring parents to these children, which is more than can be said in some cases for the unwanted teen pregnancy that so many complain about.

My advice would be this, worry about the care of the child before you worry about who should be getting married.