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Discussion 1 to Reflections on Ethics 41
I would like to voice my disagreement.

by: Athena

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Reverend Fouad, you make a good point. I'd like to make clear first that I respect all other opinions, although I would like to voice my disagreement.

The Reverend claims there is "a subjective but almost universal morality." If something is subjective, it varies from person to person. If something is universal, it does not vary from person to person. So how does that work out?

Secondly, a point is made that "except for psychopaths of course, we all feel sorry for an innocent person or animal in difficulty, and we automatically want to help them." I agree that most people do, but these broad generalizations irk me. This generalization implies that people who do not wish to help any random person in need is a "psychopath." Some people are nicer than others; it doesn't make the others less sane (or less moral, since morality is subjective and personal...even as psychopaths are concerned, in their opinion they are acting "morally"...)

"things feel right or wrong"

Yes, they do, but what I feel is right may just happen to be your wrong. Feelings are certainly not universal, and therefore I would argue that there is no universal morality. We all have hearts, and they're all different ones, so maybe that's not a "good thing" after all.