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Discussion 4 to Reflections on Ethics 40

by: Eugenia Sarpong

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This is Offensive and stupid


Note from JT:


I understand that you find Reflection 40 to be stupid and offensive, and I appreciate that you have taken the time to briefly express that opinion. But what I don't understand is your reasoning. Why do you consider this particular article stupid and offensive? What's wrong with it? Do you think the biblical ten commandments are outside of criticism? Why?

I recognize you are offended, but as it states on the Contents page:

"If you are in a hurry to get offended, we invite you to read Reflection 6 in the Reflections on Ethics section under Essays.

I'm surprised you managed to get up to Reflection 40 before you got offended enough to write. I would really appreciate a more detailed explanation for publication.

Best wishes

John Tyrrell