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Discussion 4 to Reflections on Ethics 38
The state should guarantee the dignity of life.

by Anthony deLucchi

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No, I do not blame modernists or anybody really. If the "blame" is to be sought it is not the people, it is the state. The state should put in place certain guarantees that allow the dignity of life.

In the case of "Terminally ill" patients, the families of these people should be relieved of the burden of payment, forcing them to make decisions that common man has not the experience to make. The state owes its citizens this right of dignity. A patient on a dialysis machine is also "terminal", a person on the heart/lung machine is also "terminal".

As far as tribal customs go, I would maintain that if these tribes of old had the means to prolong the lives of their sick and aged they would have. They were not the animals we have become.