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Discussion 9 to Reflections on Ethics 36
Anti-Abortion – Pro-God?

by Philip van Bergen

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A radio discussion programme on the history of the legalisation of abortion in the UK kicked me off on researching anti-abortion websites.

Anti-abortionists are, almost without exception, Christians. They uphold the view of the Christian church that the taking of life is a sin. Even those sites not overtly Christian in nature use the language of religion and end with, “God bless you”.

Their use of emotive language and imagery is designed to produce a reaction. Examples include, “the dismemberment of children”, “killing children”, “saving babies”, etc. They use images of babies and seem to refuse to accept that a foetus is not a child. They call themselves Pro-Life, as if those supporting abortion are Anti-Life. They want to impose their narrow religious weltanschauung on everyone.

It is my opinion that any debate on abortion should focus solely on ethics, and not be clouded by religious dogma or bigotry. I myself am ambivalent on abortion, but I am increasingly feeling myself supporting the pro-choice stance due to the insane screamings of the religious right who feel they are waging a war on the forces of the ungodly. As we agnostics know, it cannot be proved that there is a God – much less that he makes known his will to mere humans.