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Discussion 7 to Reflections on Ethics 36
Instant reactionary justice is not justice

by JT

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No-one on this web site has condoned rape. No-one.

You have not addressed the issue raised by Maarten - that is your advocacy of the summary execution of those merely accused of rape.

Not those arrested, tried, and found guilty in accordance with the due process of law - but those who have only been accused.

You don't seem to realize that not everyone accused of rape is guilty.[1] Even among those convicted, there are some truly innocent. Currently, in North America at least once a month a person convicted of rape is subsequently determined to be innocent after serving 5 years, 10 years, even 20 years or more in jail. At least these people get the remainder of their life back in freedom. If you murder them - and that is what you are advocating in execution without due process - then they have lost everything. A life taken cannot be restored.

You are allowing the your opinion of the crime to blind you to the necessity of treating the accused with real justice.

Rape is indeed abhorrent. But so is lynching and its advocates.



  1. Coincidently, the several hours after posting this I was watching the Detroit evening news on WDIV. (Just because it is the lead-in to Jay Leno.) The anchor held up an identi-kit picture, saying,[2] "You remember about a month ago, WDIV and all the other Detroit stations published this picture seeking help to locate a suspect who assaulted and raped a woman changing a tire." He then crumpled the picture and tossed it, stating, "Police have determined the report to be false, and have charged the woman with filing a false police report." Now, I'm not suggesting that false reports are a significant factor in overall rape statistics - but they do happen. It's a good reason to oppose vigilante justice.
  2. I won't guarantee the quotes are word-for-word exact, but they do validly convey the sense of the news item.