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Discussion 6 to Reflections on Ethics 36
Instant reactionary justice

by Anthony DeLucchi

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I do not think you realise how serious rape is in Southern Africa, it has become common place. Speaking off the shoulder I would reckon that any one of 3 South Africans know a rape victim.

I cannot help but become emotionally charged when confronted with this heinous crime, it is not altogether a crime based upon male upon female, it has also bridged that exclusion, many young boys are sodomised.

I do believe in God, I do pray, but many is the time when one feels totally alone and ignored. This crime needs to be dealt with because it arouses anger and hate, emotions society can do without.

I understand your concern at "instant reactionary justice", but how else can one deal with this type of violence? I have attempted to explain my personal abohorance to this violation of anyone’s dignity, I cannot, unfortunately, emphathise with any rapist, whatever the overiding circumstance may be.

A man might steal for many reasons, a man might murder for many reasons, but a no-one has the right to violate another purely for the reason of dominance or uncontrolled lust gratification. Rape is a crime that does not need religious condemnation, it is unacceptable by all cultures! Nobody can justify rape.