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Discussion 5 to Reflections on Ethics 36
Would Jesus condone this?

by Maarten van den Driest

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At this time, I'd like to stay out of the abortion discussion.

My personal position is that it is a difficult issue with many sides.

Something else shocked me in this letter from Mr. DeLucchi. He is usually so full of his Christian beliefs but now he writes:

"I personally advocate all rapists to be shot on sight although I do not agree with the death penalty but in the case of rape, a rapist does not deserve any rights at all!"

Although I can sympathize with the anger at rape that underlies this emotional statement, I still strongly disagree.

What is our power that we strip another human being of all rights whatsoever? Why shoot anyone on sight, without proper trial or even proof? If he opposes the death penalty, then which other exceptions does he allow for? Does he even honestly oppose the death penalty?

Secondly, and far more important for what I'm trying to say here, would Jesus condone this? Is this a Christian sentiment at all?

As with science, Mr. DeLucchi now shows that he treats even religious matters as subject to his personal whim.

If he cannot restrain himself insofar that he keeps his words well considered - whatever his views are - then I would counsel him to keep his peace for now. Read a few books, think a bit, pray if you want and then return.