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Discussion 4 to Reflections on Ethics 36
Is it a Grey Area?

by JT

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I think I detect a rare element of agreement between Mr. DeLucchi and me. If I read him correctly, he does not find a recommendation of a "womb-scrape" to be morally objectionable for the victims of rape.

This is a concession that many, but not all, opponents of abortion are prepared to make.

By making this concession, it becomes implicitly recognized that abortion is a grey area, not an absolute wrong, but dependent upon specific circumstances.

While I strongly align myself with the "choice" side when the argument is presented in terms of either totally free choice or total prohibition; my personal feeling is that both extremes are indeed extreme.

There needs to be a meaningful debate, not between the two extremes, but about the circumstances under which abortion should be allowed or discouraged. Still, I would look for a rather liberal set of circumstances.