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Discussion 3 to Reflections on Ethics 36
The Rape Problem

by A. R. DeLucchi

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JT wrote:

I don't know what world Anthony DeLucchi lives in that he can shout at us, in all caps, "PREGNANCIES ARE PREVENTABLE." It was recently reported in The Economist that rape has reached epidemic proportion in South Africa. I would really like an explanation from Anthony just how pregnancies from rape are preventable in his country.

Yes, JT rape is a serious problem in South Africa, if you would attempt to understand the mindset of many of the diverse peoples who live in Southern Africa. There is a cultural misconception amongst the rural populations that having sex with a virgin cures AIDS, which is prevalent in Southern Africa and at least 30 odd percent of our population is HIV positive, see where this is going? The state is doing all in its power to educate the people, but reliance on ancient beliefs enjoys more popularity. The traditional healer (witchdoctor) is revered by the communities and their influence is almost impossible to break, admittedly traditional healers do more to benefit the larger community, but even here there are chancers and charlatans, the state is attempting to lay down certain guidelines for these contemporary healers to include this into main stream learning, licensing and control such as in the broader medical field but obviously this is still in its infancy. Another thing in the case of obvious rape, the state puts the victim on immediate retro-viral treatment and in most of the cases the Health Officer recommends a "womb-scrape" which takes away the uncertainty of pregnancies. I cannot defend rape, it is alien to me. I personally advocate all rapists to be shot on sight although I do not agree with the death penalty but in the case of rape, a rapist does not deserve any rights at all!