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Discussion 2 to Reflections on Ethics 36
Choose Choice!

by JT

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I don't know what world Anthony DeLucchi lives in that he can shout at us, in all caps, "PREGNANCIES ARE PREVENTABLE." It was recently reported in The Economist that rape has reached epidemic proportion in South Africa. I would really like an explanation from Anthony just how pregnancies from rape are preventable in his country.

Whether legal or not, desperate women will seek abortion. Following is a passage from "To the Nobska Lighthouse" an essay by a physician that I was recently reading:

My mind was literally jogged back to Bellevue hospital in 1959 and the era when abortion was illegal. Coat hangers, rusty or not, were not the chief instruments of botched home abortions. The victims treated by my generation of house officers had been invaded by knitting needles, rat-tailed combs and -- sad to say -- the metal probes used by plumbers. It is not true that only poor women bore the brunt of injury; fear of parents, fear of their partners, and fear of professional abortionists often brought daughters of the middle class to the emergency room. Rich and poor alike were at risk for the major complications of all that clumsy instrumentation: bleeding and sepsis, frequently both.[1]

Let us not return to those days. If a woman finds it necessary to terminate her pregnancy, let it be done legally by a qualified physician.



  1. To the Nobska Lighthouse, from Darwin's Audubon by Gerald Weissmann, Perseus Publishing 1998