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Discussion 14 to Reflections on Ethics 35
The 10 Commandments

by Devon Bate

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Anthony DeLucchi wrote:

"We do not need the 10 Commandments, no, we do not seem to need them. And what have we got? A desirable society? A safe society? We kill indiscriminately, both outside of the law and within the parameters of the law. We steal, ransack and trample over anything and everything without regard for any consequence. We fornicate, screw, backstab to our hearts desire. We lie, fib, fabricate and defraud to our own advantage. We acknowledge no god, no authority other than our own understanding of another's limitations. We use the law only where it suits our needs, otherwise we deem it unfair. Yes, John, yes, Devon, I am the fool with a foolish ideal. I wish to foist upon this world unfair rules; I wish the citizens of this world would just follow these 10 basic rules which cost nothing, they are free!"

Since this argument/discussion has dwindled down to basic name-calling, I will only touch on this. Tony, there is nothing left here. All of the arguments opposing your views have been ignored, followed by the exact same thing being said every time, mostly consisting of "I am right, therefore, you are wrong." More specifically, what you said before seemed fairly contradictory. Have you not been preaching to us that our society needs, and in reality uses the 10 commandments for morality? So if that were completely true, would those crimes not be done also under the 10 commandments? The societal problems and crimes against humanity you've listed have absolutely nothing to do with our morals or your morals...they are simply bad ones, and we can all agree on that. Politically, our morality is supposedly based off of the 10 commandments, especially emphasized in America. However, is believing and worshipping the one true God a point of morality? How about being jealous? In contrast to our supposed 10 commandment-based society, our society is ran by jealousy. Do you not want the things you don't have, and other people do? When you turn on your television, does it not emphasize that?

The point is, those crimes have nothing to do with the lack of the 10 commandments. They're definitely present, just as rape and theft is.

To conclude: "Don't kill", is good morality. "Believe in this theory or be segregated and burn in the eternal fires of hell", is far, far from it.