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Discussion 11 to Reflections on Ethics 35
The 10 Commandments

by JT

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Once again, Anthony, you babble on trying to stuff your unsubstantiated opinions down the throats of others. You ask that your remarks be read to the end, at the same time displaying through those remarks that you have not bothered to take the time to actually read the extended commentary on the 10 Commandments on this site. There it explains why I give those commandments a failing grade for moral content and thus not a good guide to leading a moral life.

Why should anyone bother to read what you have to say when it is clear you are unable to extend that courtesy to the writings of others?

Let me be absolutely clear.

I do not believe in your God or anyone else's god for that matter.

Why should I, or anyone else who either disbelieves or follows another religion, follow rules which demand belief in and worship of your god? Why?

If you do not understand the basis of that question, then carefully read and understand the first three of your version of the commandments, or the first four of the Protestant version.

Why are you insisting that I become a hypocrite?

If it is that particular set of rules which stops you from lying, stealing, and murdering, not to mention lying and desiring your neighbour's spouse, then for the sake of us all, make sure you follow them. Post them in every room of your house. Keep a copy handy in your car. Read them every hour of the day, if that is what it takes for you to behave morally.

As for the impact of the 10 Commandments on others, even believers - well all you have to do is read your bible to determine that this particular set of rules did not guarantee that the Israelites behaved morally all the time. There's certainly more than enough murder, adultery, lying, coveting, cheating, incest, and rape covered in the bible to go around.

You follow your 10 Commandments if you wish. I have no desire to stop you from living your own life in accordance with them. However, your blind unsupported belief that the evils of the world would disappear if everyone had these religious rules, not moral rules, foisted upon them is - well quite frankly, it is pure simplistic self-centred arrogance.

And if you believe there is some magic about having exactly 10 rules for conducting your life, I point you towards Reflection 14 which, I humbly suggest, provides a better set of guidelines, without appealing to some deity lacking in universal acceptance. But regardless of my feelings about the superiority of my version, I would not demand that you or anyone else follow them.

By the way - with respect to graven images - you are quite right that mention is not made of graven images in the abbreviated easy-to-remember list that constitutes the Roman Catholic and Lutheran version of the 10 Commandments; but that list is only an aide-memoire for the full text contained in the bible. If you had bothered to go to the source, you would have realized that Deuteronomy 5:8 (or Exodus 20:4 if that is your preference) is part and parcel of the Catholic version of the first commandment - as it is implicitly part of the Jewish second commandment, and expressly stated in the Protestant second. All the research is available right on this site - if you had taken the time to read it. The full text contained in Deuteronomy and Exodus constitutes the "real" 10 Commandments, unless you are suggesting it is possible to arbitrarily pick and choose which particular words in the bible apply and which don't. If you take that latter position, you are abandoning any real claim to God's authority to support your version.

And unless you have something new to say which demonstrates you have taken the time to consider what others have written, then, Anthony, this discussion is closed to you.