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Discussion 8 to Reflections on Ethics 35
The 10 Commandments

by JT

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Mr. DeLucchi

You wrote:

I do not really understand your point actually. You claim that the 10 commandments have no moral value but even if a non-believer reads them he will notice the morality within them.

Well of course you do not understand my point. It is clear from your follow-on statement that you have either not read or not understood what I have written at length about the 10 Commandments on this site. If you had, you would realize that I have clearly indicated there is moral value in four of them. Four out of ten is not zero, even though it is well short of a passing grade.

There is no point debating this - or any other issue with you - unless you at least demonstrate that you have read and understood the opposing position.

But, in spite of that, let's address the other issue you brought up in your comments:

I do not really wish you to become a Christian because we have too many fundamentalistic thinkers within our ranks already.

I take this to mean that you are suggesting I am a fundamentalist with respect to my agnosticism. There are a lot of ways of viewing what a fundamentalist is - as far as I am concerned, it is a person who is resistant to changing his or her opinion in spite of a mountain of evidence supporting the opposing view.

It is on the record (in this web site if you would care to read it with an open mind) that my opinion does change. I will give you two recent examples; see this discussion to Meditation 299 and this discussion to Meditation 13. You may think these particular points minor, but they do show I do change my mind in response to evidence. And while I have not written on it, since reading Freke and Gandy's books, I have drastically revised my opinion of early Christianity.

Further, as evidence of my willingness to consider alternate points of view, I point to the number of your articles I have freely published over the past several weeks. I defy you to find a fundamentalist web site of any persuasion that is so open to publishing opposing views.

No, Mr. DeLucchi - it is not me that is the fundamentalist in this discussion.