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Discussion 7 to Reflections on Ethics 35
The 10 Commandments

by Anthony DeLucchi

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I do not really understand your point actually. You claim that the 10 commandments have no moral value but even if a non-believer reads them he will notice the morality within them. Fair enough you may not live by the 10 commandments, but in your own morality you will agree to the basis of these laws. I do not really wish you to become a Christian because we have too many fundamentalistic thinkers within our ranks already.

To Julia DiMauro

...so I missed the graven image one, well what can I say I'm Catholic, shoot me.

Okay Point 1

Mr. Tyrrell’s argument that there is little or no morality within the commandments is a vague statement. I could counter with the question whose morality is he talking about? His own? Or one from my imaginary God? Whether society would benefit if the commandments are kept? I would imagine so. The raping of the wife (this one is low) the beating of the kids, well I was never beaten, I do not beat my kids, I may yell at them, but then again my kids are bigger than me, jokes aside. I cannot answer this one I have no experience here but I would say if one does these things and maintains Christianity then he is a liar so he is not keeping the commandments anyhow.

Point 2

We have a saying in my country, “rewind your mind”, in other words change the paradigm, think positive etc. etc and all that motivational stuff. Now is this not the same? As far as "thought policing" goes, well the onus is on you, we can fool ourselves for awhile but not for long. And yes morality depends entirely on an individual’s willingness to want to live that way.

Point 3

No Christians did not make the assertion that human imperfection prevents them from sinlessness, Christ made this point to show us the divide between ourselves and God and we cannot find our way to God and still adhere to the wistfulness of our self. We must be reborn in spirit, we must remake our lives. All this is camel and eye of the needle stuff. This in plain English means you must CHANGE you cannot be a follower of God, and still hold petty jealousies, dislike others and be still a full time bad-arsed person, many people I see change the songs they sing, but the tune remains same, I mean if you are offensive then you become a Christian, more than likely you will be now an offensive Christian.

By the way I am not even trying to convert anyone it is not my job, personally I think all the converting that needed to be done has been done, the train has left the station folks hope you all have tickets.......