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Discussion 5 to Reflections on Ethics 35
The 10 Commandments

by JT

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Mr DeLucchi:

For those commandments you call "action related commandments," no god is necessary. They are a few (and only a few) of the rules required to live in a civil society. And they exist independently of the concept of a deity.

Do you really think that commandments from your god - in whom I do not believe - are inhibiting me from stealing from my next door neighbours?

As to the rest of the commandments - which you have apparently now decided are only guidelines - they have absolutely nothing to do with morality - they have nothing to do with right and wrong. They are religious instructions which apply only to followers of those religions which accept the 10 commandments.

And let's be blunt - you and your ilk are doing your best to ram this nonsense down our throats. And I'm not swallowing.