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Discussion 4 to Reflections on Ethics 35
The 10 Commandments

by Anthony DeLucchi

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JTI will admit I am not apathetic towards those who would thrust this religious doctrine down my throat on the ignorant pretence that society needs it to function. My sense of morality is not so pathetic that I would base my knowledge of right and wrong on such a trivial list of do's and don'ts.

Granted my order of the commandments are not numerically correct. The morality of these laws are unimpeachable, even a non-christian lives by most of these "laws of society". The action related commandments i.e. thievery, killing are self explantory, the emotional, that is the discipline of self i.e. coveting the material property of your neighbour, the lusting after your neighbour's partner or another partner and the respecting of your parents, and spreading of blatant untruths, these are extremely necessary within a sane society. Without these guidelines you will have a corrupted society, a broken society full of disception, fraud and falsehood, yes a society without God, actually looking at that is not this just what we have? A decadent establishment full of hollow promises and destroyed lives a sad imitation of Hollywood!