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Discussion 3 to Reflections on Ethics 35
The 10 Commandments

by JT

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Remember, Reflection 35 was written as a discussion of a Christian viewpoint that it is impossible to keep the 10 Commandments. And that viewpoint was supported by a number of other Christians.

You, as a Christian, might believe that it is possible to keep the commandments, but there are a lot of Christians out there who would disagree with you. Perhaps you should take up the issue with them rather than me.

But I will admit I am of the opinion that the 10 Commandments cannot be followed, largely because of the 10th Commandment. (Standard numbering, rather than your unique sequencing.)

I suggest that before you further address the issue, you read Reflection 6 and the commentary provided on each the commandments.

But to provide you a quick summary:

I will admit I am not apathetic towards those who would thrust this religious doctrine down my throat on the ignorant pretence that society needs it to function. My sense of morality is not so pathetic that I would base my knowledge of right and wrong on such a trivial list of do's and don'ts.