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Discussion 3 to Reflections on Ethics 30
You cannot attack someone for voting in line with their religion

by: Jason Kuttenkuler

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I agree that the separation between church and state is important for modern governments and politicians in power should always keep it in mind when making decisions. Specifically it is important because there is such a wide range of religions that have views that are sometimes similar and sometimes contradictory.

However, I do not believe that you can attack someone for voting in line with their religion.  The separation itself dictates that voices from each religion will be heard, not that all religions will be ignored. 

Now I am agnostic, and I agree that “because it is what I believe” is in itself not a good rational argument.  I would encourage my friends to sincerely question why and exactly what they believe before they decide what side of an issue they are on.  However, the thing that I most dislike about most of the major religions is the insistence of their followers to tell me I am wrong and try to “fix me”, as well as their assumption that I need to be fixed.  Because of this I find it a bit hypocritical for me to impose myself on them by saying voting a certain way is wrong.