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Discussion 5 to Reflections on Ethics 19
Calling an end to this nonsense.

by: JT

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I will not be publishing any more of Mr. Khan's commentary on Russell. I had hoped that he would produce something that might generate some worthwhile discussion. After all, there is room for criticism of Russell here - particularly as this set of encouragements to think for yourself instead of blindly accepting authority are entitled commandments.

Mr. Khan initially claimed he was going to disprove Russell - a nonsensical claim - which eventually he came to accept was not possible. But even from a viewpoint of challenging Russell, he has failed and managed only to convince me that he does not understand what he is arguing against.

Nevertheless, I would have left things alone and simply terminated his series without comment had I not received the following submission for publication today:

Dear Mr. Khan,

First, I am deeply involved in this subject for last fifty years or so. I am also a long time fan of Russell. I owned and read most of his material in depth. I currently teach this subject at University level. I discussed your articles in my class in depth. So far we all agreed on your disagreement with Russell. It seems to me you have a fascinating way of analyzing philosophical matters. You for sure brought Russell's magic to reality with pin pointing the tricks which were embedded in it since 1951.

I congratulate you on your marvelous achievement so far. You definitely are a genius in your own way to say the least. Thank you for showing us a new way of looking at things. I hope to see more of your work in the coming years and maybe day will get to meet you in person.

Finally, keep up the good work. We need it badly.

Best regards,
(A False Name)

Great praise for Mr. Khan indeed! However, I was unable to find the name of the writer as a university teacher using a web search. I have suppressed the name because searching for the name provided produces pages of results for a runner who does not deserve to be associated with the pack of lies submitted under her name.

I did send a response back:

(False Name):

I'll be happy to publish this, but as you are using your teaching experience as evidence of your authority on Russell, please advise which University you are teaching at. Perhaps you could also provide references to any papers you have written on the matter.

Unfortunately, a web search on your name reveals no indication that you have ever taught or published on Russell (or on any other matter.) Perhaps you have used a pseudonym, but that only serves to undermine your support for Mr. Khan.

John Tyrrell

I don't expect an honest response. The fact is that the submission originated from the identical IP address that Mr. Khan's correspondence originates from. Coincidence? I think not. I suggest that if the writer of the missive wants (as she wrote) to meet Mr. Khan, a look in the mirror may suffice. (Note: subsequent to publication, Mr. Khan has denied that he is responsible. See footnote)

Nasser Ali Khan can "keep up the good work" if he wishes. But not on this web site. I will be leaving his three earlier comments in this thread up, but I emphasize, copyright for those items remains entirely his. I have no interest at all in claiming his "intellectual property"

Further discussion on the subject of Russell's 10 Commandments is welcome and encouraged, just not from Mr. Khan and his pseudonyms.


The following message was received from Nasser Ali Khan subsequent to publication of this discussion item:

Dear John,

I felt very sad to read today's update. I just cannot believe that someone out there try to ruin my reputation. Someone very carefully calculated the whole plane against me with using my IP address. I can only think of my own brother who always acted against me. He always tried to compete with me especially in regards to the Ten Commandments. He is a big fane of Russell himself. When he saw my work on your page he in fact couldn't take it anymore. I am forwarding his last email below. So that you can read between the lines. I also can forward more of his email that he wrote me within month or so.

I wished you could have talked to me first before going on line to make me look like a dishonest person. Anyway please read below his email. Thanks.

13 Aug addition: Subsequently, I have received a further communication from Mr. Khan to the effect that he is consulting his lawyer and will see me in court. I'm tempted to comment on that, but I won't.