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Discussion 1 to Reflections on Ethics 10
"Christian" Ethics

by Sean

Re: Reflection 10

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In regards to your article on the problems with Christian morality... I'd like first off to praise you for offering the criticism that that particular ethic should be receiving. I would, however, ask you not to refer to it as a "Christian" ethic, because, strictly speaking, it is not.

Most protestant denominations hold to the idea of salvation and forgiveness through faith alone (it was one of Luther's theses), but the Catholic Church and (I believe) the Eastern Churches hold to salvation via a combination of faith and good works (this leads to the exceedingly complex catholic afterlife, because it needs to allow for people who did horrible things but believed in Jesus, and for 'heathens' who did good things).

But, again, it's a good and legitimate criticism, I'm just asking that you keep your facts straight.