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Discussion 7 to Reflections on Ethics 8
No society can last if it does not contain its numbers.

by Gord Barker

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In my mind, the entire debate about abortion is not significant. Rather, it is a symptom of a society that is not mature enough to make hard decisions.

No society can last if it does not contain its numbers. This has always been the case in the past and I see no reason why it is magically not the case today.

There was a time in Japan’s history when its population was stable for over a thousand years. This was accomplished by marrying late, intentionally not having many or any children and yes, infanticide. Folks, that’s waiting until you have the child to kill it. We have better methods today but we are not more civilized. I would argue the opposite; we are less civilized because we cannot see past our demand for individual rights to do what we want regardless of the consequences.

No, I don’t believe that an individual's rights are inalienable either. I believe that they can be granted or taken or assumed (your choice) because there are not enough of us around (population density) to make then unworkable. Just look at the “rights” you had in the time the west was colonized (carry a side arm, shoot a horse thief, etc.) vs. today. Many rights have been taken away when they became unworkable. In the future, perhaps the very right to have children will be under legislation approval. Won’t that be fun.

Grow up, look past the superficial, develop real understanding otherwise the next civilization will be reading about ours in an anthropology text book.