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Discussion 6 to Reflections on Ethics 8
Which is more humane?

by syrinxfox

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Which is more humane? Termination or forcing a woman who is neither emotionally or financially and sometimes even physically incapable of rearing a child.

Yes, there is adoption, but have you looked at the staggering figures of children that are in the "system"? The ones who jump from foster home to foster home until they are 18? There are very, very few people willing to take on these children.

And then what about those who keep the children but never wanted them. The children who are emotionally neglected. Yes, you can get someone for physical neglect or abuse, but not emotional.
And even if you could, they'd just end up in the "system".

I am not saying there is anything wrong with adoption and there are many happy children out there who are much better off. But what about the millions who aren't? Is that fair? Who is going to foot the bill for all these unwanted children?

Are YOU going to do it?

I wish you people would put your money where your mouth is and take in some of these children instead of telling people they have to take them on themselves when they never wanted them in the first place. It doesn't matter the reason whether it be a broken condom, rape, incest, congenital disease or what-have-you, (though abortion should never be considered a form of "birth control". Keep it in your pants people! That's what they make condoms and the pill for!). To bring an unwanted child into this world only to have it live a half-assed life is more cruel than terminating it before it even has organs. (the brain doesn't start functioning until the third trimester, neither do the neurons) Sometimes no life is better than a crappy one.

Our children deserve the best we can give them and if their parents or the government are unable to provide that who will? WILL YOU? Get off your moral high-horse and look at reality. Even if you could educate people, some just don't care and they are going to get pregnant no matter what you say or do.

Sometimes it's not a matter of when life begins but what type of life you are giving, (children addicted to drugs, fetal alcohol syndrome, severe physical and mental disabilities, advanced disease states?). If you are full capable of handling that type of situation, then more power to you, you are a better person than I. But I will not risk my life and fragile sanity, my husband's sanity, what little finances we have, our surrounding family's sanity and uproot everything we know to make all our lives miserable, including the child's. That is no life for any of us.

(And just to clarify my personal stance: I do not believe a child is a child until it can survive outside the mother with limited medical intervention. The term "limited" can vary from child to child and family to family.) I don't care if you don't like my stance and I'm not trying to make you adopt it, but it's my right to have this stance and my right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

If you don't like abortion, don't have one, but if I'm going to hell, let me go, it's MY decision.

What's the point of "free will" if I'm not able to exercise it?