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Discussion 10 to Reflections on Ethics 6
The Bible is not a simple book

by Maarten van den Driest

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As a Christian, I take exception to what Dawn Russell calls 'being really Biblical'.

The Bible is not a simple book, nor is the Christian faith. Rev. Waugham is entirely within bounds when he says his only concern is to follow Christ. He is wrong when he claims he can essentially ignore the entire Old Testament as it's strictly Jewish anyway.

How will we get to know God if not through His writings? (Still speaking within the Christian faith). It is true that a lot of the laws in the Old Testament are void for Christians as they are strictly cultural law.

The Ten Commandments, however, are another matter!

In general I would say that the entire Bible should be read, - leave no verse behind! ;-) - but also that it should be read with Jesus' message in mind. Also, we should understand that the Bible is clearly not infallible in a literal way and shows cultural, ethical and religious growth when read in chronological order.