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Discussion 9 to Reflections on Ethics 6
Re: What the Ten Commandments say shouldn't make a difference.

by Dawn Wessel (website)

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The Old and New Testaments are the same books - how can Rev. Peter Waugaman say they're different??? If the 'same' God inspired them both, then they 'must' agree with each other!!!

The 10 commandments 'are' important - they are the basis from which all the other commandments flow in the Bible - surely you must know this? It is the reason why Christians are called 'Judeo/Christian'.

If you want to be really Biblical, read the 10 commmands posted at the essay: Bertrand Russell's Ten Commandments. There is another post also (best I've ever read but I can't seem to find it right now, however, as I said in that other post, Bertrand Russell and that other guy (and those who think likewise) will get to heaven but the church people will left outside knocking on the closed door.