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Discussion 8 to Reflections on Ethics 6
A view of the 10 Commandments

by Dawn Wessel (website)

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Here on my thoughts on the 10 commmandments:

  1. No other God's before Me - you are right, it was a command to the Hebrews (only) because they (actually Moses) was committed to pass on the oracles of God. But the Hebrews were supposed to pass on the blessing - which they failed to do.
  2. No graven images - it's not that we're not supposed to make graven images, the command is 'not bow down to them' - God is a jealous God. Which might sound conceited, however, if you take a look at the god's of the nations who surrounded Israel at that time (burning their children in the fire to their gods) they were not nice gods. God was trying to spare the people the grief of following after cruel gods who would demand much and give nothing.
  3. Sin passed onto 3rd and 4th generations - Unfortunately for some children, they become as their parents and pass that to their children, a vicious cycle. But the cycle is generally weakened by the 3rd or 4th generation - but I have no numbers to prove that.
  4. Must not take God's name in vain - When someone verbally attacks you for no 'good' reason that is taking your name in vain, you wouldn't like that and neither does God. If you say 'Jesus Christ' when you're mad - if you are not directing that as a personal insult at God - then you are not taking his name in vain.
  5. I agree wholeheartedly that the 10 commandments 'must not' be posted in schools. Firstly because Christians really don't understand the meanings - in order to know what the 10 commands are really saying you must cross-reference every similar reference in the Bible (including NT) and that will explain the true meaning. The commands that should be posted in schools are common sense ones, respect others (which includes their property) - this is God's only command.
  6. Obey your mother and father - Dr. Laura doesn't know the Bible because it also says "and for this cause a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife" (Genesis 2:24) The New Testament says "obey your father and mother 'in the Lord' " which means when your mom and dad are 'in the Lord' they will be reasonable people. God does not expect a kid to obey 'unreasonable' parents - that would be mean.
  7. Listen to the scientists in regards to the age of the earth - they study these things. The earth was 'not' created in 6 days. Gen. chap. 1 specifies 6 days but Gen. 2:4 says the earth was created in 'one' day. A discrepancy? No. the word 'day' in Hebrew in 2:4 means 'to be hot' - astronomers are now saying that life began in a hot environment.
  8. Thou shalt not kill - unless to defend thyself and thy family. Though the commandment doesn't say the second part - it is implied in other similar verses. Israel is a tiny nation and was always having to defend herself from complete annihilation (nothing to do with what's going on today) - it was kill or be killed!!!

The Bible must be interpreted as figurative / literal and not as literal / figurative.