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Discussion 5 to Reflections on Ethics 6
What the Ten Commandments say shouldn't make a difference

by Rev. Peter Waugaman

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I don't generally consider myself the intellectual type, simply a man of God striving to find God in all things. I enjoy this site and read here often, taking in all I hear and trying to process it without prejudice. (Hard when human, anyway I digress.) My observation has been that for the most part the grief this site gets is mostly from the Christian faith (which is odd since this is an agnostic site and seems like rather than spreading God's love they are just looking for a fight). So many points, so little time. Anyway let me get to the meat of my reflection.

From a truly Christian point of view, what the Ten Commandments say shouldn't make a difference. A "Christian" is a follower of the teachings of Christ, not the old testament which, I might add is strictly Jewish History/Law. Christ himself told his confronters on the subject "Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul, and mine and Thy neighbor as thyself." As a Christian that is the only thing in the Bible you really need know, and any argument as to semantics, any argument at all for that matter, is hardly Christ like or becoming of a Christian. If one was truly striving to be Christlike, knowing when or when not to kill would hardly be a priority on one's schedule.

(All who truly seek God shall find him regardless by which name you call him.)