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Discussion 4 to Reflections on Ethics 6
I grade them 100%.

by joncb

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An interesting article. Perhaps the Judge wanting to promote the 10 Commandments has lost sight of the significance of Christ, and His death and resurrection.

The 10 Commandments, and all the Jewish Laws that follow go to highlight the point you made, we are all 'sinners'. I.e., there is nothing that we can do to get in a right relationship with God.

This is where "Amazing Grace" comes into play - God chose, for whatever reason, to send His Son to serve the punishment that we are due to serve, so that we can have the relationship with God He wants for us.

In the NT, Jesus tells us that all the Laws of the OT are no longer in play, you are no longer bound to all that because you had no chance of keeping it, nor doing enough to make yourself good enough for God. Those laws where just to show you had to rely on God's grace, not your own efforts.

In Matthew (22:36-40) Jesus states to "Love the Lord your God … And to love others as yourselves" on these two commandments hang all the laws of the OT.

The first half is purely a response to what God has done for us, and the second is to show the same love God has shown to us, to those around us.

Using your analysis of the 10 Commandments, that would give a moral score of at least 50% - and if we understood the significance of the first half, all aspects of our lives would be influenced and it alone would give a score of 100%.

Nevertheless, given that society, making all its own decisions, is on the inevitable trip down the toilet, an external moral standard of 32/100 is a whole lot better than anyone has come up with to date - which I give 0/100!

Thanks for the debate.