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Discussion 2 on Reflections on Ethics 5
We need to know what we are trying to achieve through ethics

by: Adam Sawyer

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If we cannot define what is universally accepted as fulfillment and contentment first, identifying ethics and morals to achieve it seem impossible.

If on the other hand it is to give the best possible chance of these things in society, we can try. Let's say security, shelter, food and medicine are all that are really needed.  Then society has extremes at both ends.

We in the west have much more than these basics and yet, unhappiness is big business for the pharmaceutical industry. Lower morals and ethics dished out to developing nations enable our lives.

I care not if ethics and morals came from god or man as neither is needed for them to exist. A mother of an animal will do the right thing by its offspring. Our existence is proof of this. Up until its death it will be fulfilled and content. Social Contract Theory only really gives longevity of life and the need for medicine in support. It certainly hasn't stopped misery.

By needing instruction for morals means unless enforced they can never be universally carried out naturally. Thereby fulfillment and contentment for all is impossible in society and so is a fantastical proposition.

Making life as palatable as possible for as many people as possible is more realistic and achievable.