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Discussion 4 on Reflections on Ethics 3
Respect is the true center of morality

by: Jason Kuttenkuler

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I would like to offer my thoughts to Thomas' comments.

Thomas proposes the concept of love as used in love thy enemy could actually be respect. I think respect is the more appropriate expression of this idea, and thus, is the true center of morality. 

It is necessary to hold a level of respect for each individual, to keep in mind that we are all equal and different individuals who have a right to exist, to think, and to feel.  It is not necessary to empathize with their feelings or even understand their feelings with any certainty, but it is paramount to bear in mind that they have feelings when dealing with others. 

You should act with other peoples’ well-being in mind.  You should consider how your actions will impact others and then do what you feel to be right. This does not always mean your actions are meant to benefit others or are for the greater societal good.  Any action that doesn’t explicitly affect others negatively is, to me, still moral (and as such falls into the category of ‘good’ or at least not ‘bad’), despite its goals. 

I guess one way to explain it is a little more self-centered approach.  Morality isn’t so much trying to do good and helping others as it is trying not to hurt or hinder others as I go about living my life.