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Discussion 13 to Reflections on Ethics 1
Example of a Selfless Act

by P. Zack Hilliard

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Re: Discussion 12

One does not have to sacrifice one's life in order to commit a selfless act; a behavior from which the actor receives no benefit while someone else is rewarded in some way.  All it takes to commit a selfless act is to sign an organ donor card.  There is no benefit to be derived from signing the card other than having the knowledge that someone else MIGHT benefit from the effort.  There is no guarantee that a donor WON'T die in a fiery conflagration and have nothing left to donate but ashes.  There is also no guarantee that 8, 10, or more people WON'T benefit from having a heart, liver, kidney, cornea, skin, lung, pancreas, or some other major body part made available to them in a life-saving fashion after the donor's death.