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Discussion 6 on Reflections on Ethics 1
Another option for Reflection 1

by Luke

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I consider myself Agnostic, but grew up Christian, and have witnessed the influence by the church. I think there is possibly a fourth option to the good and evil question; the fourth being the person is doing good not just because the religion tells him to or else, but because of the overpowering influence some of these institutions have on their congregation, some of these "brainwashed" people do these good deeds because they have been programmed to.

Basically, they have given up free-will and can't make decisions on their own. They are "reacting" to what they have been "programmed" to do. Of course the overwhelming majority surely fall into the selfish-just-trying-to-get-to-heaven category, but I think we should not leave out the weak of mind who no longer make decisions for themselves, relying more on the "movement" rather than any conscious thinking. I think this may be one of the most tragic occurances, allowing themselves to give up free will and thinking and essentially becoming a zombie.