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Discussion 7 to the 10th Commandment
Definition of 'covet'

by JohnM

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Kristin, you should crack a dictionary before telling people what words mean. 

The definition of covet is ALL about DESIRE, and NOT at all about the ACTION of actually taking something (which is defined as stealing).  Also, your inclusion of wanting "something at someone else's expense" is no where to be found in the actual definition of coveting.

Covet as defined by Merriam-Webster: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/covet

Main Entry: cov·et
Pronunciation: \ˈkə-vət\
Function: verb
Middle English coveiten, from Anglo-French coveiter, from Vulgar Latin *cupidietare, from Latin cupiditat-, cupiditas desire, from cupidus desirous, from cupere to desire
Date: 14th century
transitive verb

1 : to wish for earnestly <covet an award>
2 : to desire (what belongs to another) inordinately or culpably

intransitive verb :

to feel inordinate desire for what belongs to another