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Discussion 6 to the 10th Commandment
The Commandment is honoring the wife

by Josh

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First, I'd like to thank you for your reasoned argument about the Ten Commandments.

The only real disagreement I have with you (and admittedly it is splitting the proverbial hair) is over your definition of 'house' in the 10th Commandment, and how this demeans women to the status of property. In biblical terms 'house' had a broader definition then the building in which one lived. For instance, Jesus was of the house of David.

Thus the Commandment, in my opinion, is honoring the wife above the rest of the man's house. I think it  is telling that the verse repeats 'thou shalt not covet' before listing 'wife, nor manservant, nor etc.' and not 'house, nor wife, nor etc.'