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Discussion 3 to the 6th Commandment
Further On the Sixth Commandment

by Scott Klajic

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A couple of things. First--how is it that my statement about scholarly revisions is "provably" false? "Scholarly" is my subjective term. It is my opinion that a legitimate attempt to translate the scripture would neccessarily correct that error (and others in the KJV)

Also, the fact that certain groups read and accept the KJV only (they drive me crazy) does not strike me as a particularly powerful argument. The solution is to make the correction whenever possible--explain the truth about what the scripture actually says. Sometimes the truth is more difficult to explain than the simplistic error. (Standing outside, the earth looks flat. I have to show scientific evidence to demonstrate otherwise)

I acknowledge the consequences of the positions I hold. It is definitely true that the text appears to take a rather barbaric position regarding adultry (and other sexual sins) but the trick is to find the principle in a particular passage and make it relevant to life in 21st century America. Sometimes, it seems downright impossible! But the struggle makes thinking clearly easier and easier the older I get. I also acknowledge that as a point of fact, because of the centuries, cultures, and language morphing that has occurred, a true grasp of the scripture, in its context is impossible. That does not mean we cannot try. That's what ideals are-unatainable standards that we continue to strive for.