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Discussion 3 to Ask the Patriarch 245
My paranormal experiences

by: Tyson F

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Dear John,

Thank you again for a very awesome reply, and for publishing my writing. Once again, it is very much appreciated. I also appreciate your honesty in this matter and interpretation of events. However, I would still like to explain, as you did in regards to your encounter with the "bird like" plastic bag.

The first encounter-

I was in my bed, at a time I can’t quite remember. At the age of around 5,I think. I looked towards the far wall of my bedroom where I saw a white shadow, or a white light in, more or less, the shape of a person. I didn’t think much of it for a while. that is until it started pacing back and forth, from one side of the wall to the other. I screamed, as any child would have. After a while of screaming, crying and keeping a close eye on the figure, my father came into the room, grabbed and started to drag me outside, saying that if I was scared of sleeping inside that I should try sleeping outside. I  kicked and screamed as he dragged me, enough to make him, change his mind. He took me back in to my room threw me on the bed and walked away. I was more terrified now than ever before, I huddled in the corner of my bed. Then, instead of the white figure pacing back and forth the far wall, it walked around the corner to the wall closest to me. It then stepped off the wall and stood in front of me. I remember screaming. I think after that I fell asleep, maybe out of exhaustion from being so afraid and crying for so long.

The next night, it was back on the far wall. Still a little worried or even scared all though less afraid than the night before, I lay there watching it. I remember needing to go to the toilet, so I had to pass it to get out the door. I recall building enough courage that night to reach out my hand a touch it, or at least put my hand on the area it seemed to be. I felt nothing but a cold wall. I inched my way past it, still slightly nervous, but even less afraid. The nights after, it became less and less visible until it eventually disappeared.
I guess it could have been a trick of the light that my mind interpreted as a threat for some reason. Still it was frightening.

Encounter 2-

In the same house and the same bed.  Only this time the head of my bed was facing the window. I  felt, I guess, like I was being watched. So I turned around and looked toward my window, I saw, to my horror, what looked like a man peering through my window. I  only saw his head a shoulders, no face, because it was dark outside. As I looked my bed seemed to tilt, is if the top half of my bed was levitating off the ground, and I got the feeling I was being palled through. I know it sound like ball shit, but this is what felt like.
I then screamed for my mother, who came in. when she did the bed went down again.

I realize now, however, the feeling of being levitated may have been caused my dizziness or vertigo created by my turning my head back and forth so quickly. I get a similar feeling when I stand up too fast, so this may not be supernatural at all, but a case of an attempted break in. maybe my screams of horror scared the bastard off.

So, although these circumstances may have rational explanations, like most supernatural things do, I suppose, I still wonder, despite your no belief in spirits or ghost, just assuming these thing do exist, would be able to see one if it stood in front of you or would just try and explain it away?

Also, I'm just wondering, have you seen any of the "paranormal activity" movies about an invisible demon that terrifies the living out of people and in the end kills everyone in the shocking ways. Very scary movies, made by some very strange people. Funny how easy it is to scare the shit out of people. I  heard the first of the 3 movies only saw the actors being paid $500 or so, not much in comparison to the millions of the so called A grade actors. kinda makes me wonder where they get the ideas from. perhaps encounters like mine gave them these ideas and made them wealthy. Perhaps I should take what I saw, whether real or not, and turn it to something positive.

Thanks again for your time.

Bye for now.