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Discussion 1 to Ask the Patriarch 200
I still feel that you minimize the damage that religion causes. 

by: Janet Greene

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Thank you for your thoughtful response!  I really do appreciate it.

However, I still feel that you minimize the damage that religion causes. Contrary to what you said in your answer, "belief" itself has a profound effect on people.  You cannot separate belief from actions. Every action I take is the result of a belief, and in fact my entire life stands on my foundation of beliefs. 

For example, my parents' belief in original sin, and the duality of body/soul, as well as the literal truth of the bible (and throw in a little James Dobson influence for good measure), resulted in them physically abusing me.  This caused post-traumatic stress, depression, addictions, and abusive relationships (I am great now since I was able to put these destructive beliefs behind me).  My parents believed that damaging the body for the purpose of saving the soul was a good trade-off. They had no idea that all parts of us are connected, and that by damaging one, you damage the other.

This resulted in my own belief, for years, that I was not worthy of love, that love = fear and violence, etc. These BELIEFS are what led to my problems. Beliefs are the foundation of everything.

Another example is preservation of our beautiful earth. People who BELIEVE in the bible will think that Jesus is coming back soon in some kind of dramatic apocalypse.  If this is true, there is absolutely no point in trying to reverse climate change, and if we nuke ourselves it is a good thing because it is Revelations coming true!!!

This is just some small examples of why beliefs are so important, and why the fact that so many people are still bible-believing Christians should disturb us very, very much.

Regards, Janet Greene