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Discussion 1 to Ask the Patriarch 184
Santa Claus

by: Paleface

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We had a similar situation with Santa Claus.  We told our kids about this guy Nicholas who long ago used to give toys (and food and goodies) in winter (sorry Southern Hemisphere...) when it got so cold.  How after he died some parents continued the tradition etc. etc.  HOW SOME PARENTS, TO SIMPLIFY THE MESSAGE, TOLD THEIR KIDS THAT MR NICHOLAS (MIS-PRONOUNCED IN BABY TALK, 'SANTA KLAUS') WAS BRINGING THE TOYS.  And, most important, how one should not shatter the tradition by telling their smaller friends anything different from what their parents said.

To make a long story short, this worked very well -- up to around mid-November, when suddenly Santa Claus was the real thing; but the situation came back to normal after mid January (To "cover" gifts obviously brought by the Holy Kings, wink wink.).

Kids are wiser than what we officially acknowledge.