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Discussion 1 to Ask the Patriarch 176
Kenya E-mail

by: Dave Tillman

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I received a similar email from another "Bible Study Group" in Kenya. They didn't ask for any money, unlike the usual Nigerian email scams. I wasn't about to send them money, but I did reply and say I would try to send them some Bibles. I forwarded their email to the Gideons. I received another email, but this time the address is different. While they haven't asked for money, they did mention they have to meet under a tree because they're too poor to afford a tent.

Well, I guess it was a scam after all. I was a little suspicious because

  1. it was from Africa where all scam emails seem to originate
  2. it used a P.O. box.

When I got the next email with a different P.O. box in a different town, I knew it had to be fake. Your website confirms it. Keep up the good work.

JT replies:

Glad to be of assistance, Dave. I would point out that this type of message does not originate solely in Africa. I have had similar requests from India and Pakistan. See Ask the Patriarch 123 for an example.

While, based on your church website (which I have added to our links page in the Other Churches, Other Religions, Other Faiths section) I think there are many issues which we would disagree on, we can agree there are too many pressing needs in the third world to which we can legitimately contribute that we cannot afford to waste resources on frauds and scams. That is why I make a point of outing these individuals and groups publicly.