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Discussion 1 to Ask the Patriarch 136
The Third Article of Faith

by: Doug

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In response to Rory's concern with the third Article of Faith I would like to point out that apathy to the existence or nonexistence of a Supreme Being does not necessarily mean one does not care or is not curious or inquisitive about his/her/its possible existence. I know I share his curiosity on the matter.

Perhaps it will help to combine all three Articles of Faith into one statement, which is where I started before I ever heard about apathetic agnosticism:

"Since there is no evidence that God exists, and if he does, since there is no evidence that he involves himself in our affairs, it really doesn't matter whether he exists or not, as his existence has no bearing on my life whatsoever."

That was the personal conclusion I had reached about "God." When I first read the Articles of Faith of the UCTAA, I knew these were my kind of people. I hope this helps.