On____ of_____ 2006, time ________this is a agreement for a date for $1. I am a sex addict, not a prostitute. I am older than 18 years. I carry a condom. If I have sex with you, it will be after the date, as a form of art, and not for cash.

I am a member of the sex addicts church Venus.

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Sex extends life*763 People who have sex 5 times a week are much more happy than people who have sex 5 times a month*765 sex studies show that sex with a partners is better*768 NO 100 FOR RAPE*1

Stop religious fanatics! From spreading their mental problems! 1in4 people have mental problems yearly which are mostly sexually related.* 2 43%of the women and 31%of the men are sexually dysfunctional.* 3

World wide the US is #1 in crime*4, #1 in prisons*5, #1 in rape*6, #1 in teen pregnancy*7, #1 in obesity*8, #1 in divorce rate*9, #1 in mental problems*10#1 in mortalities in 518 categories like multiple scleroses mostly lingering death*528 #2 in 230 other mortalities *757 and#48 in longevity.*758

Extreme Christianity, more extreme than the Shiites Muslims, is fueling many these of this problem. *759 1in 2 adults develop mental disorders*766

If Freud is only half right;…that mental problems are related to sex… then better sexual health would fix many of today’s problems.* 760 link Ideas needed for legalities, finding tax free sex churches, and jury selection first then help needed to go into every county, and city computers to get the names, address, phone #of prostitutes, solicitors, crack heads, gentlemen’s clubs, massage business, taverns, bars, fredrettinger@

False arrest, could be worth about $50,000. How to make money, pick and hang a jury, and become a Venus church member, priest, priestess or find a foreign priestess wife. Facts* 1-*768 go to www. coming soon