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Discussion 8 to Ask the Patriarch 93
A different basis for morality as they mature.

by ffuege (screen name)

From the UCTAA Discussion board

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My kids have developed well over time and have needed a different basis for morality as they have matured. It all starts with you as the god of their little universe. "Do what I say because I said so or else I will punish you." This is all they really understand for awhile. You just can't reason with 2 or 3 year-olds. However, they do learn from example are they watch what you say and do all of the time. I think it is easier for good, decent people to raise good, decent people.

As they mature you can use their actions as examples of the universal golden rule. If they lie to you, explain how lies would impact them. If they steal a toy from a sibling, take away a toy of theirs. If they're rude to you, be rude back. They begin to reason on a basic level that doing these things opens them up for someone else doing it to them.

Eventually they grow into advancing thinking and reasoning people of their own capable of really determining their moral viewpoint on what impact their actions will have on others.

My parents and brother just realized over the summer that my kids (ages 9 & 11) have no clue about religion. They apparently talked to my 11 year-old about religion and he said he doesn't believe in God and thinks it's a silly notion. I haven't taught them anything about God, positive or negative. They just see I avoided the subject. Now that he's brought up the subject I talk about it with him, but before that I remained very neutral. I told him if he found something that he believed in that would be fine with me as long as it was his choice. I told him how I think about it and he thought it sounded good and it matched what he thought. But I had waited until he made up his own mind and stopped believing in Santa Claus and other people's gods on his own.