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Discussion 7 to Ask the Patriarch 93
Knowledge of what should be rebelled against and rejected.

by Bicol Agnostics (screen name)

From the UCTAA Yahoo Group

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I would just like to add that we are shaped as much by what we reject as what we accept. If the only thing a child is introduced to in the way of ideology is the parents, then when he reaches his or her teens, he/she will reject this almost certainly. A person needs to know what there is out there that should be rebelled against and rejected.

My parents, both unbelievers, sent me to Roman Catholic school for first and tenth grades. Certainly made me know what I did not want and what to fear. If I were starting to raise children now, I would send them to Sunday School or other religious instruction. One year at an Orthodox Synagogue, one at a Catholic Church, one at a Islamic Masjid (not a liberal, love them all group like W. D. Mohammed's Muslim American Society), one at a Hindu or Hare Krishna temple, one at a Church of Christ or other fundamentalist church. Keep them away from religious liberals like Baha'is or unitarians or Reform Jews, who will teach them there is good in all religions and to love and respect all religions.

Very cynical of me, of course, but I do believe it helps to know your enemies.

Mike Nassau