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Discussion 1 to Ask the Patriarch 57
And what's wrong with eating buffalo meat?

by Darin (Tao_Man) Dugger

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What does Jesus have to do with killing cattle?

What if you had read he owned land outside of Yellowstone and killed Angus? In fact there used to be a law against killing buffalo, but they number so many now, many times more then 100 years ago, that they are now for all intents and purposes cattle, no different then any other cow.

I know of half a dozen Buffalo ranches just a few hours drive from my house. I know of twice as many restaurants that I can get a buffalo burger, or steak, or even a beefalo steak. Beefalo meat has a much milder taste then full blooded buffalo, but a richer taste then just beef.

The bible says nothing against raising cattle for food. If you want to get into the noble buffalo and the Native Americans, spare me. I am half Cherokee and my sister in-law is a full-blooded Cheyenne. Probably the greatest nation of Buffalo hunters ever, and she has no problem going into a restaurant and eating a buffalo burger and she is Christian also.