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Discussion 6 to Ask the Patriarch 44
Speaking in tongues: A Christian's perspective

by: Russell Witcher

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I was an avid tongue-speaker until the Lord start showing me some things. I begin to study thoroughly. In short, tongues in the Bible were ALWAYS a KNOWN LANGUAGE spoken somewhere in the earth. When angels appeared and spoke to men, they spoke in a language that was understood. The word "unknown" was inserted by translators of the King James Version Bible but it was not part of the original message. I will not say that the Holy Spirit does not give "tongues" today; but I will say that what goes on in today's churches especially Pentecostal and charismatic IS NOT the biblical gift of speaking in tongues. It is fabricated, nonsense, incoherent babbling. I am not saying that the people doing it are not born again; many of them are as such as myself. But even the "elect" can be deceived. Every experience, sign, or miracle is not from God. On the other hand, I do believe that there have been times that the Holy Spirit has used the true gift of tongues to help missionaries to witness to people of foreign speech. Normally, a translator would be required; but when the Holy Spirit gives the gift of tongues, that takes care of the language barrier. It is up the Holy Spirit to decide when, where, how, and what gift to manifest. We are not to seek tongues, miracles, and any other spectacular gift. We are to seek the GIVER of the gifts and pursue love which is eternal. The gifts are temporal and will come to an end; but love will exist even in eternity!

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