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Discussion 5 to Ask the Patriarch 44
It's a form of self hypnosis.

by: Navoff

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When I was in college I took a class on phonetics. We studied the sound component of language and broke down English words into their phonetic equivelant. One of the subjects that came up was that of speaking in tongues. Every language has its own, unique set of sounds that occur in no other language.

When studies were done of people who claimed to be able to speak in tongues, it was discovered that the sounds they made were only of their own native language. In other words, if they were truly speaking in another, dead language, they should have been creating sounds that were not common to their native language. They weren't.

As to those who sincerely believe they can speak in tongues and have witnessed it in others, the answer is quite simple. It's a result of form of self hypnosis. I have witnessed a hypnotist tell someone under a hypnotic trance that they were from another planet and didn't speak English and would feel compelled to impart some important information upon hearing a trigger word. When brought out of the trance and the trigger word given, the person rushed to the front of the stage and began talking in gibberish. The ability of the human mind to believe what is not real is astonishing.

And for context, I once attended a Pentecostal service with a friend who was a church member and witnessed first hand people "speaking in tongues". Of course, I hadn't realized that's what they were doing until I asked my friend later. It sounded for all the world like just a series of vowel sounds strung together. I am fluent in only one spoken language and know a couple of words in some others. However, when I hear a person genuinely speaking a language other than ones that I am familiar with, they sound like a person speaking in a foreign language with distinctly formed words strung together to form sentences. Even when the sounds they make are ones I had no idea the human mouth was capable of making. In short it is every thing that "speaking in tongues" is not.