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Discussion 4 to Ask the Patriarch 44
How do you know? And why?

by: JT

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I'll accept that you sincerely believe that you have experienced speaking in tongues, but how do you know that this is actually what you were doing? How do you know you were speaking a language unknown to you rather than enunciating a series of meaningless syllables?

And further, if true speaking in tongues is actually occurring, what's the point? Why is the Holy Spirit causing members of congregations to talk incomprehensibly to each other? Biblically, speaking in tongues served to communicate the gospel message to unbelievers who would not otherwise hear it because of a language barrier. That's just not happening when believers talk at each other in languages none of them understand. So why is it happening?

I would think the Holy Spirit, if it exists, would have far better things to do with its time than conducting this strange and pointless exercise.